Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Sleek Primer Palette-I'm So Disappointed With You!

You all know I love reasonable makeup that's also amazing quality. That's Sleek Makeup through and through. I'm so surprised by my latest Sleek purchase though-I really thought this primer palette would be a thing of beauty. I have so many Sleek eye shadow palettes and they're all SO good! They're incredibly pigmented, blendable, they last aaages and they're under 10 euro too. Let's not forget the contour palette which is one of my holy grail beauty items, and each and every one of their blushes are so fab. 

I'm disappointed with this primer palette though. The colours look so pretty, and they're supposed to provide an amazing base for your eye shadow but uhh,..they're definitely not primers! Some of the colours are nice when you use them as cream eye shadows on their own,but most of them crease like it's nobody's business and the highly pigmented ones aren't colours I'd really use to be honest. When I try to blend my eye shadow into it, it just looks really strange and they don't merge well together at all. I use the lighter colours in the palette on a day when I feel too lazy to put any effort into my eye shadow, but apart from that, it's basically untouched. 
Has anyone else tried it and actually liked it? Haha! Let me know! 
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