Friday, 6 November 2015

Review: Úna Brennan Rose Hydrate Radiance Day Cream

I'm a huge fan of hydrating, radiating skin products, so when I saw this product in Boots I had to try it. I've tried a few products from the Úna Brennan range and I've loved them all-this day cream is no exception. 

If you have sensitive skin like me, you'll love this. My poor face tends to breakout with so many products-even the ones that bloggers swear were created for sensitive skin by the gods themselves. Not this one though!

When you first apply this it might seem a bit too shimmery, but give it a second and it sets to a lovely demi-matte finish. It'll hydrate and tone your complexion while giving it a beautiful dewy effect. This is such a nice primer too and I think it smells lovely. It's great value for money in my opinion as a little really goes a long way. It kinda reminds me of more expensive face creams that people rave about...only I never really think they're worth the money ;) 
You can find this lovely little face cream in Boots and it'll run you about €15. 

Happy shopping! 

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