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There are brands out there that the whole world adores, like MAC, L'Oreal and NARS, and there's no denying they make fantabulous products. In my opinion there are brands out there with amazing products that I don't hear that much about. Here are my top picks of some stupendous brands that deserve a little more recognition!

I know Avon are well known, but they're seriously underrated in my opinion.
Products Worth Trying 

They have the most gorgeous lipsticks and their face creams are great too! Every nail polish I've used has been so long lasting which is a huge plus for me. Avon Ideal Flawless is one of the best foundations I've used-I prefer it to loads of high end brands! Their BB creams are also worth a try. 

The love I have for Milani is real! I don't know anyone here who uses it, and I can't figure out why it's not big in Ireland. 

Product's Worth Trying

The blush in the picture is Luminoso, which I love just as much as Estée Lauder's Lover's Blush-and I looove that blush! They also do incredibly pigmented eyeshadows and fantastic liquid eyeliners. They have an amazing eyeshadow primer which I actually prefer to Urban Decay's! They're definitely worth checking out on Amazon. 

Jordana is another brand I stumbled upon online and I just love it. They have such pretty packaging and you can be almost certain you're getting a great product that wont break the bank.

Products Worth Trying

Their lipliner Tawny is one of the nicest I've used, and their Best Lash Extreme can rival most holy grail mascaras, pharmacy and high end. The matte lipstick range is lovely and they're such good quality for the price! 

I'm so happy I found this brand! They seem to be getting a little more attention on social media these days, and with good reason!

 Products Worth Trying 

 ColourPop have the most pigmented cream eyeshadows I've ever seen! There are countless fun colours to choose from too and they're such good value, considering the quality is like something you'd usually be paying big bucks for. Their lippie stix in the shade Brills has stolen my heart-I feel bad for my other lipstick because it's all I've been using lately! 

Okay, I know everyone knows Revlon but I can't seem to find it anywhere except for Boots which I don't understand!

Products Worth Trying
 Revlon have some of the best foundations I've tried, my favourites being Nearly Naked and Colorstay Whipped. They have amazing lip butters and their Colorstay lip liner is my one true love. If you're looking for a lovely strobing *cough-highlighting* product, the photoready skinlights are absolutely brilliant. I could go on forever about how much I love Revlon, but I'll just leave it at that and hope it reappears in more shops :) 
This list was so much fun to write! Hopefully it's helpful to anyone looking to change things up a bit and try new makeup brands. 
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