Tuesday, 15 April 2014

E.L.F Haul!!

I looove getting stuff in the post-especially stuff I forgot that I ordered! Here are a few things I got from E.L.F-I'm really happy with most of them. 
So the first product I got was this mineral eyeshadow. This is in a lilac colour and I'm not really sure what to make of's nice with primer I guess haha! It's just a little messy and it doesn't have amazing pigmentation. I don't think I'll be repurchasing. 
This is a cream eyeshadow duo which I was soo excited about. I LOVE my maybelline colour tattoos, and I was kinda hoping these would be dupe worthy. They're not really though. I got hardly any colour from the lighter side, but I did like the darker side so that's a plus! I think it'll be really pretty under other eyeshadows. 
I got this too and I really like it! It's very glossy as the name "super glossy" suggests, but also a really nice colour! 

This is the 32 colour eyeshadow palette in "cool", and I like this a whole bunch. I was looking for another colourful palette, and I could honestly see myself wearing most of these. It has pretty decent pigmentation, and it was only 6 squid, so I'm not complaining! 

I had HD blush before in a different colour, so I knew what to expect. I just forgot one important thing-a little goes a really long way! You only need a small bit for a nice smooth matte glow-and I used waaay too much today haha! There are lots of different shades, and I'm really happy I repurchased. 

If you really want to, you can watch me explain the products in more detail here; 

Thank you so much for reading! 
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