Monday, 14 April 2014

I'm Sorry But..I Just Don't Love The Naked Palette!!

I will probably lose so much respect for this post..but it's just my opinion haha! Let me start off by saying I used to LOVE the Naked palette..but this was a time before I got really into makeup, and I really didn't have any other palette. Now that I'm more experienced with make-up, I can honestly say, I don't think it's worth the hype. Naked 2, is a different story-I love it! But more about that later haha! 
If you're a girl you've definitely heard of the Naked palette. It's Urban Decay's most famous product to date, and of course, I can see why people love it.
  So here are some good points;
 For beginners who want a nice palette with neutral shades, it's definitely great for them.
The price is pretty good, since you get 12 colours for around 40 smacks. 
They're pigmented to the max and long lasting. 
I LOVE at least 4 of the colours in the palette (Virgin, Gunmetal, Creep and Half Baked) 
The bad points:
The fallout. There is so much dang fallout from these colours! 
They're pigmented, but I just don't see amazingly beautiful tones from most of these. (I know they're neutrals, but I have lots of neutral colours that are gorgeously flattering with lots of depth.) 
There's only 2 matte colours, and I love matte colours 
I have NYX and Wet N' Wild palettes that are cheaper and honestly a lot nicer. 
I wouldn't really consider most of the colours "naked". 
The packaging is so flimsy and mine looked like it had been fighting in the war after only a few months. 
With all these points in mind, I honestly prefer and am in love with Naked 2. The colours have beautiful tones, and are just more "naked" haha! You can watch me talk about them here;
That being said, I paid 40 something squid for this palette, so I will find a way to use it to the bitter end! 
Thank you for reading, and I hope you don't all hate me now! 
Lots o' loveee! 
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