Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A random H&M Haul ✿

How's everyone doing today? I'm suffering reallyy badly from Sinusitis but I'm not gonna let it keep me from blogging haha! I've been in Dublin a lot lately, but I just didn't have the time to go and see what's in H&M at the moment. They're known for having really cool little bits and bobs around the place, and I found some really, really cute stuff. Here's what I came away with. Might I add it all came to around 13 squid!

Soo firstly I got some lipgloss in the shade Innocent, (€1.00) and some liquid liner (also €1.00) which I thought was black, but it's actually purple :( The lipgloss is actually a lip plumper, but there's not really any colour from it, it's basically see through. It does work well as a lip plumper though, so points for that! 

Next is my lovely eyeshadow brush (€2.50) and my gorgeous shimmery pink and gold flecked eyeshadow (€1.00). I think the eyeshadow brush looks pretty good even though I haven't tried it yet, and the eyeshadow is such a pretty colour. It'll make a gorgeous inner eye and highlight colour, and the pigmentation is pretty decent too! 

Last but not least, I got myself a comb 'cause they're always handy to have (€2.00) and an eyelash curler because it's really pretty and my old one broke! This was €3.50 and it does a good job of curling my lashes! Which is exactly what you want haha :) 

Do you guys love H&M too? I'd like to point out that I got most of these items in the sale section, so that's why they were pretty inexpensive haha! I'm really happy with everything though-you can find the best stuff in the reduced section if you look! 

Thanks for reading! 
Soph :) x 

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