Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Fave Copy Perfumes! ☮

Hiii everyone!! Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day! My mam was so happy and surprised with the hamper full of goodies we got her-it's nice to do something different! I'm actually jealous of some of the stuff -especially the La Roche Posay cream we got her haha! 
Today we're gonna be talking about copy perfumes, which I know you're all gonna tell me: "They don't last that long!!" Well this my friend, is your mind playing tricks on you! 

They do last a long time, you just don't notice it because if you smell something constantly for long enough, you don't realise that you can't smell it anymore. Did that make sense haha! Here are some of my faves to look out for. They're really REALLY good copies! (I'd also like to mention, the copies don't stray too far from the name and packaging of the original-so just keep those peepers open!:) )
Pure Gold = Lady Million,1 Million (the white bottle is Lady Million)
Summer Flowers= Flowers By Kenzo 
Spirit Of Heaven= Angel by Thierry Mulger 
Spirit Of Shadow = Ghost (see!They can be so obvious!)
Alienate/ Galactica= Alien by Thierry Mulger 
Summer Sky = Light Blue 
Popcorn = Touch Of Pink 
Tutu = Coco
Sweet And Sour Diamond (lol) = D&G The One 
Updo Chic- Flowerbomb 
So those are my favourites! I know it can be fun to buy the real deal, but I just thought this would be a helpful post for anyone who wants the same gorgeous smell, for a fifth of the price! 
Happy perfume shopping!  
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