Thursday, 20 March 2014

My new FAVE Pharmacy Foundation!!

I am in LOVE with Catrice Photo Finish liquid foundation! I spied this in the pharmacy today and I'm so surprised with it. I have a love for picking up random pieces of make-up here and there, and feeling crazily happy when they turn out to be hidden gems. The first thing that I noticed about this foundation was the packaging-it's a lovely almost frosted glass bottle that makes it look waaay more expensive than it is! I like Catrice make-up too! The quality's really good, and for that price-who can complain!

Hahaha! Look at my amazing editing job on the picture! Really top notch. In a nutshell, this foundation isn't too liquidy-it's more creamy so it blends amazingly into the skin. It smells lovely which can be a rare trait for foundations, and it's oil free. It's not cakey, it covers imperfections and wont leave your skin dry either. For a gorgeous glowing complexion I really recommend it. You wont be disappointed! 

Let me know if you've tried it! 
Soph :)

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