Friday, 21 March 2014

The Best Shampoo In The Whole Wide World!

I'm having an intense hair dying day today (sigh), which means I was in need of my most favourite shampoo and conditioner ever: Mane 'n Tail. Now I know you're not supposed to use shampoo and conditioner after dying your hair, but seriously, I probably damaged my hair so much today that it was in need of this. Mane 'n Tail is a super cool range of beauty products, and using them is like getting a hug from a yellow and blue plastic bottle..or something like that.

These are the best shampoos and conditioners ever! Since I started using these my hair has gotten thicker, and the condition is so much better! This conditioner right here will help to nourish and add moisture to your hair, and prevent damage too. It'll give your hair shine, volume and all that good stuff.These shampoos and conditioners are made for those of you who need a little hair t.l.c, I definitely recommend! For those of you who are looking to grow your hair quickly, you're in for a real treat with this range too-it just seems to do everything! 

There's so many products in the range to suit every hair type, so you wont be disappointed :) 

Happy Shampoo Shopping!
Soph :)

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