Monday, 10 March 2014

D.I.Y: Jazz Up Any Old Notebook!

Time for a D.I.Y project on Soapy Bubbles! I'm sure we all have an old notebook lying around that we could make look soo pretty! All you need is a few bits and bobs you can almost definitely find at home. Let's take a look :)

For this project you'll need:

Start of by cutting out shapes from whatever paper, or fabric you'd like. You can even get glitter, sequins-just have fun with it! 

Organise all the shapes on top of your notebook until you're happy with the way it looks

Stick them all down with the glue, leave to dry for about 2 hours, and you're done! 

Thanks so much for reading! If you like this, you might like to come and check out my new YouTube channel here! :D 

Have a great day!
Soph x 

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