Monday, 13 January 2014

The 20 Euro Make-Up Challenge!!

Can 20 Euro Buy All The Make-Up You Need? Let's find out!!

I saw this tag going around YouTube and I thought I'd do a post on it since I can't do a video right now! I went shopping with no more than 20 yoyos in my pocket, and it's surprisingly hard to find make-up for your whole face for 20 euro! I spent my time looking and the people working definitely thought I was up to something hehe! Keep in mind also, this is just my opinion of all the make-up you need for a completed look. Anyways, here's what I found;

NYC Natural Matte Foundation-4.99

I'm seriously a big fan of NYC! This foundation has really nice coverage for the price and it smells lovely which is strange for a foundation-but there you go!

NYC Individual Eyes-3.99

I had one of these little palettes already but I just got another 'cause they're really nice! There's a different palette to suit every eye colour, but you can just pick whichever one you like.

Essence Stay Natural Concealer-1.99

I really like this little concealer! It does a really good job of covering up imperfections and it's not too cakey. My only problem with it is it doesn't last too long, but it was the best one I could find for the price haha!

NYC City Curls

This is a lovely little mascara. NYC mascaras are really really good, so you'll pretty much be happy with whichever one you go for!

Catrice Infinite Shine-1.99

These are loverly lip glosses and there's a whole loada colours to pick from! I got the second one because I'm obsessed with coral colours, but they're all soo pretty.

Essence Kajal Pencil-1.99

Essence Kajal Eye Pencil

I was debating on whether to pick this or the essence liquid eyeliner, but I went with this in the end because you can do winged liner with this too. Black eyeliner is the perfect tool for smokey eyes and I think this will really help to finish off your look with a...kick? Lol I don't know but you get what I mean.

Hopefully I've done this challenge properly since there doesn't seem to be a lot to it haha! I like these YouTube tags actually, they're really fun! Hopefully I'll be able to do a video for the next challenge, and until then, happy shopping!
Soph :)

Images used from catrice, essence and NYC. 

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