Monday, 27 January 2014

Which Colour Eyeshadow Should I Use?!

Happy Tuesday people! I hope you're all having an amazing day and doing something crazy and exciting...or you could just be like me and chill with some tea and Netflix :)

I know a lot of people wonder if they're using the right colour eyeshadow for their eyes, so that's what I'm here to help you with! (Also,If you're wondering what brushes you should use, you can check out my video on that right here!)

If you have blue eyes:
To make your eyes pop, you'll want to use warmer colours like browns and peachy tones. Dark smokey colours are perfect if you're going for a dramatic effect. I know it sounds weird but orange/coppery colours will make blue eyes look amazing!

If you have brown eyes:
Seriously, anything will work for brown eyes! To make them pop, I love bronzey and purplish colours for these peepers! Dark shadows are lovely with brown eyes too-you can just use anything!

If you have green eyes:
Browns, golds and purples are soo pretty on green eyes and will make them pop beautifully!

 This Estee Lauder Palette is perfect!!

If you have hazel eyes:
The best choice for this beautiful eye colour are grey, purple, and burgundy.

Thanks so much for reading! Happy eyshadow shopping!
Soph :)

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