Tuesday, 7 January 2014

How To Get Longer Hair

Get Longer Hair With A Few Simple Tips 

Let's be honest, extensions are a god send for people who want to change their look around, but for some people, they'd rather just grow their hair out themselves. It can be hard to do this though, so I've put together a little list of tricks that really helped my hair to grow long!

I admit my hair could be in better condition..years of pointless straightening and now being slightly blondish have left me having to take extra good care of my hair-but it is pretty long! I made the mistake of cutting my hair waaay too short a few years ago, so I tried everything I could to grow it back! 

Here's what I found worked for me;

★ Hair Skin and nails supplements. I loooove and swear by these vitamins. This is gonna sound like advertising lol but it took around 3 weeks for me to notice the difference and I couldn't believe it! My hair skin and nails really were in better condition after using these, and they'll make sure your body gets all the little health benefits it might have been missing. 

★ I know it's gonna sound boooring but what you eat really does effect your hair. It's really important to eat some bit of good fat every day, it could be a slice of avocado or almonds. You've heard it before but fruits and veggies are gonna make sure your hair gets all the lovely vitamins it needs too! 

★ This is a really important one-please please don't over style your hair! It's crazy how much I used to use straighteners and now I only use them every once in a while! If you have to, blow drying is a much better option but make sure you use lots of heat protection spray. Think about it-how can your hair grow if you keep hurting it with fire :( It can't! :O

★ Brushes are a major cause of hair breakage so try using a comb instead. It'll take a lot longer to brush your hair but there'll be waaay less damage. 

★ A really important rule is to wash your hair less and less every week. The less you wash it, the faster it'll grow and the more natural oils will be able to build. Then, it'll make your hair so soft and shiny and healthy when you do wash it. The less you wash it, the less greasy it gets too-huzzah! 

★ Omega 3 are brilliant for your hair and will really bring it back to good health if it's not growing, or if it's really damaged. 

I hope these little tips help some bit and if you have any suggestions, I'd love to know! 
Soph :) 

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