Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Getting Over Those Pesky Insecurities

“One of the greatest journeys in life is 

overcoming insecurity 

and learning to truly not give a shit.” 

― J.A Konrath 

I really don't mean for this to seem like a preachy self help post, but I'm seeing this issue effect people more and more every day, so I decided to write a little about it. That's one of my favourite quotes up there, it's short and to the point, without sounding like something we've heard 100 times before!

Every now and then I do read those "self help" articles when I'm bored, but to be honest they're all pretty much the same. I know they're all just trying to help, but to me, they make it seem so easy to get over insecurities in a few simple steps, when it's anything but! This is really just my thoughts on the whole thing in general...and maybe kind of a guideline too :)

One of the first things I want to point out here is I'm not looking to make anyone feel sorry for me at all, but I was bullied fairly badly in school, and of course there were multiple insecurities to follow. If you've read my blog before or seen my photos, you probably know (this is gonna sound weird) that I have really big lips, and this was like a bully target for me growing up! I haaaated my lips so much and I'd even try and find ways to make them smaller! Looking back, I hate that I was so ashamed but it's so easy to see why; it made me feel different. It's crazy how things change though and how you learn to love things you were once insecure about, because now I wish my lips were a tiny bit bigger haha! One of my cardinal rules is; if you can't change it just learn to love it! I guarantee in a few years time you'll feel silly for caring so much about one little thing that other people probably don't even notice!

Look at it this way; we spend a lot of time looking at ourselves every day, so naturally we pin point and pick out teeny tiny things that we think are wrong with us, when in reality, other people won't have noticed them at all. And without sounding all fake and self helpy again (which is something I really want to avoid!) your tiny imperfections could be someone's favourite thing about you! Who wants to look the same as everyone else anyway? I always think if you want to stand out among a group of people on let's say...a night out or something, do your make-up differently to the current trend, and I guarantee you'll look so amazing.

Another thing we're all really guilty of is focusing more on negative comments we've received than on the good ones. If you really really think about it, you've definitely received more good comments than bad, but it's just so much easier to focus on the ones that make us feel down and unhappy about ourselves. Insecurity can also be mistaken for humility too, so just remember it's okay to think you're funny, or really good at art or whatever it might be-you're not being big headed! I'm really guilty of saying "Oh I don't think I'll try, I wont be able to do that!" and then when I try it, it's fine! That's kind of a vague example but I think you'll get what I'm trying to say. Speaking down about yourself wont make things any better.

I didn't mean for this to be such a long winded rambling guys haha but I hope you all know what I'm trying to say. Life really is so short and you don't want to look back wondering why you cared so much about tiny little things.

Hahaha! Thanks for reading everyone! Have an amazing day!
Soph :)

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