Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Whole Reason I Started Blogging

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you're all having an amazing day! Mine was filled with trying to find my slippers..not very exciting stuff!

For those of you who don't know, I started a different blog back in May and to be honest I felt like it wasn't really me. It was mostly beauty but I wasn't writing about any of the other stuff I like! That made it really difficult for me and I just lost interest in it, but now I feel like this blog is turning out exactly like I want!! It's gonna be a mixture of beauty (which is why I know most of you gals will come here hehe!) film (which I love), art, music and other crazy random things. Some of it probably wont interest most people but I love writing so I'm just gonna write about it anyways.

The most important thing I wanted to get across is, without sounding cheesy, real beauty does come from inside, and I don't want people to think make-up is THE answer to self confidence etc. What I do think though, is that if someone feels good on the outside, it can help them feel good on the inside too, and in that way I think make-up can really bring out self confidence and self esteem. My favourite thing in the world is putting make-up on people and seeing how happy they are when it's done! So I guess beauty is gonna be a big aspect of my blog but it wont be the only thing!

I spend a lot of time looking up silly and random facts so I do know a thing or two about the world we live in. I suppose what I find interesting could be really boring to others, but I'm still gonna write about it haha.


WOAH! Look at my dogs crazy eyes!!

I guess what I'm trying to say is I really want to try with this blog to make it something that I can be proud of! How stoopid does that sound haha I feel cringey even reading it but it's true! 

Hopefully there'll be fun stuff to come in the next while, and when I start making YouTube videos I'll let y'all know :) 

Happy interwebbing!!
Soph :) 

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