Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Weirdest Thing About Irish People..

Happy Thursday everyone! Bit of a random post, but it's something I've been thinking about a lot so I said I'd write a little about it.

Ever since I was small, I noticed something really strange about Ireland. We have a really weird almost stupid thing when it comes to family. Now, I know there are people who have life long friends who DO consider them family, but at the end of the day, Irish people are so much more likely to side with their 70th cousin removed, than with people they've been friends with for years!

What is this mentality? I know, I know, "blood is thicker than water" and all that, but what does that say for families who have adopted children, or fostered them? How do you think they feel about that saying? And what about parents who have stepped in to take the place of one who was maybe never there etc. For them to hear that they're not loved as much because they aren't blood could be really hurtful. 

It seems really strange to me that a person could go to the ends of the earth to defend a second cousin they don't know that much about, solely due to the fact that they're "blood." It's a really old fashioned way of thinking in my opinion and I find it can often lead to so much unnecessary drama between friends. I don't know how to exactly get across the point I'm trying to make here haha but I think you all get what I mean. 

Sorry for the book but it's something I feel really strongly about and I just had to share my opinion haha!
Thanks for reading!
Soph :)

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