Monday, 27 January 2014

They Finally Revealed What Happened To Amber

Well, it's about time! This post is gonna be a little different to the others on my blog, but I thought people might be interested in finding out what happened.

The co-producer of Amber, Paul Duane, went to speak to Ryan Tubridy on 2FM, and Tubs, like many of us, was not too happy with the ending. It might be kinda unfair but he basically coaxed the ending out of the co-producer. 

He said; “Paul, Paul, hang on a second. I am not a stupid man. I watched four episodes of it so don’t answer in riddles. If you do know the answer to what happened to Amber, tell me.”

So Paul replied with: “Well, Amber’s dead.” 

He went on to say that if you watch the show back, and decipher the clues, you'll realise there's lots of water imagery in the show, leading us to believe that Amber's somewhere in the water. He also said that the killer was someone outside the show, so we can rule all the known suspects out.

 I watched every episode of Amber and I wasn't the only one who was slightly annoyed by the end of the programme. I understand what it was trying to say and it definitely got the message across, but at the end of the day, it's still a tv programme and people hate to be left in the dark. Who knows if they'll bring it back, but with the floods of complaints RTE received it looks likely.

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