Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Few Of My Favourite Thiiings

Why am I even up this late hehe!

I just realised, even though I put loads of stuff up on my blog, none of it is really ever about me! So why not write a post about some things I really love-for the randomness of it all! 

I loooove:

Films and tv

Sweets sweets sweets sweets!! I looove sweets!

I really like art, especially drawing

Video games.( I still play Animal Crossing, hehe!)

Books (neeerd!)

Animals :)

Make-Up (obvers)


Any kind of salt and vinegar crisps


Teaaaa! Who doesn't love tea?

Burger King as opposed to McDonalds. I never really go there but when I do, I loves it.

The Steve Austin Show-gimme a hell yeah!


Swimming and the beach and all that jazz.

Anything funny (I love to laugh)

The colour turquoise

Ahhh I could go on with this forever haha!

How random was that post? I kinda got bored so I'm just gonna leave it that haha!
Thanks for reading everyone! 

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