Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Why I Started A YouTube Channel

I've been having so much fun doing my YouTube channel-even though it's only been 2 weeks! I uploaded my first video sometime around January, and then I kinda stopped for a while. The whole reason I started this channel, without sounding cheesy, is to show people you don't need really fancy, high end make-up to look nice! The most expensive make-up I have is my Naked Palette, and I know nearly everyone has that anyway! I have so much pharmacy make-up that's just as good as high end, and I'm gonna show all you guys how to use it!

Some things I really need to check off my YouTube list;

Find a really good quality camera. For some reason I look like a ghost in all my videos so far!

Work on my editing skills!

Practise the make-up look before I film it!

Relax a little more and don't be so nervous!

I have around 300 views which has made me so happy! If anyone wants to check out my channel, you can do so right here! And if not, thanks for reading anyway! :D

Expect a lot more posts from me today guys! This weather calls for one thing: blogging! :D

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