Monday, 24 February 2014

I Seriously Love Orange Is The New Black

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a fantastic day and I hope it's not lashing out of the heavens for you like it is here. For those of you who have Netflix, you've probably seen or heard something about this show. I started watching it a while ago and it's just brilliant. A little risqué I guess, but it's not a family show anyway so who cares!

It centres around Piper Chapman, who commited a crime in her youth, and 10 years later is sent to prison to pay for it! I'm probably not making it sound very exciting, I know, but believe me it is. The actors are all brilliant and it's such an interesting concept. I'm sure we've all wanted to know what happens inside a women's prison, and seeing how there's so much that's been done about male prisons (i'm not feminist, just sayin') this is a really cool idea.

I love the back stories into character's lives so we get to know what they were like in the past, what landed them in prison, and we even get to question if some of them should be in there. If you like thought provoking tv you're onto a winner with this one.

Oh, and did I mention Regina Spektor sings the opening theme? It's so cool. If you have a means of watching it it's definitely worth a shot. As I said though, I wouldn't watch it with anyone you feel might get really awkward and not talk to you for days after. It's just one of those shows.

 Have any of you guys seen it? Let me know! Or yano, you could give me a follow if you'd like to see more reviews like these! :)

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