Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Just A Quick Confession..

Looking back 2 years, and I can't believe how much things have changed! If you asked me 2 years ago if I would write a blog or make a YouTube channel, I would have said no way! I was way less confident back then, and I used to really doubt myself. Of course everyone has moments of self doubt but I used to be so much worse! I never really thought about starting a blog but I've always wanted to start a YouTube channel. I even tried once 2 years ago, but I deleted the video straight away!

If you asked any of my friends they'd probably tell you I could talk to anyone, but I used to be SO nervous about interacting with people I didn't know that well. I had no problem being myself with my friends and family, but with other people, I used to scrutinize everything before I said it, and then when I said it I'd spend ages wondering if that was the right thing to say! I'd get really nervous before going into town, and sometimes I'd avoid going certain ways in case I ran into someone I knew..not because I didn't like the person, because I was just really scared of the conversation being awkward. What always bothered me though was that when I did talk to people, it was never ever the way I made it out to be in my head!

So what changed? Well as cheesy as it sounds, I got a boyfriend (hehe) and he helped so much, so I just didn't feel nervous anymore! My blog has helped me loads too, and I really love doing YouTube videos!! If you feel like you still don't know a lot about me, you can watch this video! :)

I know things got a little personal up in this blog post but yano, what harm as they say! Thanks so much for reading guys!

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