Friday, 7 February 2014

What's The Fascination With High End Products??

Hey peeps-happy Friday! Random post ahead, but it's just something I wanted to talk about.

One thing I really don't understand, is some people's obsession with only high end make-up. Don't get me wrong, there are some high end products that are amazing and worth the hype, but I don't understand why so many beauty guru's ONLY use high end in their videos! They say they want to help people but a lot of the time it just leaves me thinking; "most people can't afford all this stuff, and they're going to think they need it to do nice make-up!"

Well maybe that's where I can help :) Not saying I'm the greatest person in the world or anything, but I'd really like to show people that you can do really, really nice make-up without the insane price! I do have a few high end products, but when I get them it's always when they're on sale, and I always make sure they're worth it!

Hopefully with my channel I can help people find really good make-up for a really good price, and give tips on how to use it too! I can't wait to start uploading videos more and more-I'm so excited!!

Thanks for reading guys! 
Soph x 

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