Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Castor Oil, Vaseline And Eyelash Growth Myths

Hello there peeps! I'm sure most of us wish our lashes were a teeny bit longer. Why else would we all go looking for mascara that promises 10 times the length? There's lots and lots of eyelash growth myths out there, which I'm gonna talk about today!

Coconut Oil/Castor Oil

These guys are really good for your lashes, don't get me wrong, but they'll only give the IMPRESSION of longer lashes. Both oils will make lashes look more conditioned and fuller, but they wont have a lasting effect.


Some of you lovely peeps might know this as Petroleum Jelly, whatever you call it though, it's not gonna grow your lashes. I don't even think it's good to put vaseline near them!

So what will work?? The only thing that experts say will really work is Latisse but that's super expensive! I got the Elizabeth Arden Treatment Mascara for Christmas and I swear this has helped my lashes! It's an amazing mascara in general though and leaves them looking lovely. I hope I've cleared up any queries and I'll definitely do a post like this again soon!

Have a brill day or night, wherever you may be! 


  1. Good to hear the Elizabeth Arden Treatment Mascara worked for you!

    1. Thanks for reading Emma! :) I was really impressed with it! :) x